Dinner and a Movie

Dodge City Dinner Theater is not like your average Dinner and a Movie restaurant but more like a large living room where your allowed to eat and watch Movies on a large 17 foot screen in full surround sound. The very thing I was told I could never do at home when I was growing up as a kid.


Just think you sit down in comfortable reclining chairs while enjoying good home cooked meals while watching movies. Sometimes we play games, watch the game, play games, act out murder mysteries and more.

Friday night we have movies all day long while serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. During the day we show more kid type movies for those that need a place to drop off their kids and husbands while they go shopping all over First Monday Trade Days. 

Starting at 7pm we server dinner and show the main movie of the day. This could be a Independent Screening, Classic Movie from the Public Domain or a first run film when we are so lucking to get them.

After 9pm when we have enough folks we break into Karaoke on the Big Screen. Our version of Karaoke that allows all the guests see the words and sing along if they like with the brave souls (not me) that take the mic. We do have multiple wireless mics so a few people can sing at the some time to make it easier for no so brave folks like me. We have over 19,000 songs from oldies to today’s hits and their updated monthly.

There is NO CHARGE to come watch movies or the sing during Karaoke, but we would love for you to try our home cooked meals. You can also bring your own food and drinks if you like and no hard feelings. Were all family here at Dodge City Dinner Theater.

Dinner includes

Snacks – Wild West Wings, Fruit Kabobs

Main Vittles  – Outlaw Chicken, Rustler’s Meatloaf, Farmer’s Vegetarian Lasagne, Saloon Girl Salad Bar

Sidekicks and Soppin’s – Cowboy Potatoes, Beans (Baked, Pinto and Green), Corn, Macaroni & Cheese

Breads –  Corn Muffins, Garlic Bread, Tortillas

Cowboy Sweets – Apple, Cherry and Peach Pie, Ice Cream

Whistle Wetters – Soda Pop, Ice Tea, Lemonade and coffee


Hang around after the Murder for Karaoke!

DodgeCityTheater@gmail.com or (903) 287-0561




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