Dinner Theater


Welcome to Dodge City Dinner Theater now moved to the Village


We open on First Monday Trade Days Weekends & Special Occasions Only.

Our daily rate is only $10 a person which includes Entertainment and Dinner. If you have 12 or more people and want to open on a Off Market 

Dodge City Dinner Theater is not like your average restaurant but more like a large living room where you’re allowed to eat and watch TV. The very thing I was told I could never do at home when I was growing up.

Just think, you sit down in comfortable reclining office chairs while enjoying a good home cooked meals then sit back and watch a classic movie on a 17 foot movie screen. Sometimes we play games, watch a sporting event,  act out murder mysteries, sing karaoke and more.

If you’re looking for a place to have a party, a family reunion, ladies retreat, scrap-booking, movie screening, a live play, live singing, stand up comedy or any other type of event just give us a yell and we can accommodate you. Our location is very low cost to rent and we take care of the food, cleanup and some entertainment like movies and music.

The Performance Stage is small but great for stand up, teaching, workshops and even a small performance group. We have  a 17 foot Video Screen designed to make you fee like your at the Movies and we even added some real theater style seating for the classic movie fans. Dinner is served every market weekend rain or shine as well as a few good movies too.

Our main goal is to have a place to Screen New Movies from Independent Film Makers that can’t afford the big screen. We even have our own Pay-Per-View system designed to help new film producers to make money from their movies and short films.  Click here for More info….

Our location has FREE full high speed Wireless Internet (WIFI) 

Standard showtimes starting are from 11am 11pm with the shows to be listed in Upcoming unless there is a play or other performances. 

Dodge City Dinner Theater

N1 on The Mountain @ Old Mill Marketplace

542 E. Dallas Street
Hwy 64 East

Canton TX US 75103

Tel: (903) 287-0561 or 214-815-9308