Game Night

game night

Friday’s are Game Night at Dodge City Dinner Theater

On most Fridays we play FREE Bingo after dinner with movies to follow unless we have something else for you all to have fun doing after a long day of shopping.

We use our 17 foot screen to play a new type of FREE BINGO that allows the winners to win cool prizes donated by vendors on the Mountain. All this while enjoying a great home cooked dinner in our air conditioned Dinner Theater on the Mountain.

Mountain Bingo


How it works:

Mountain Vendors donate prizes for the Mountain Bingo game for each game we play. The prizes will be placed on display before the games and on the website before you play each market weekend. 

The games are completely FREE but worth a bunch for advertisement to each vendor. Before the games begin we talk about the prizes and their vendors that donated them.

Mountain Bingo is n0t like your parent’s version but pretty easy to play. We have 3 versions of the game including Reverse Bingo where to win you must NOT have any numbers called on your bingo card. This is called “Last Man Standing” and it’s pretty fun to say the least. 

Vendors that participate will receive the benefit of marketing and advertisement of their shops and products for each item they donate to the Mountain Bingo games. This is a win, win for both the Vendors and the Bingo players. 

This all good fun and our main goal is to market for the vendors and serve you great home cooked dinner after shopping all day at First Monday Trade Days.

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