Independent Movie Screening of “Promises” – Oct 1-4, 2015

We invite you have home cooked dinner with us while watching a new movie not at the regular theaters as a private screening. We will pass out a small feedback form for you to give your honest feedback to the film producers. This movie is in “Post Production” meaning it has not been released yet so you will be the first to see it which is a great honor.

About the Dinner:

We will have 3 choices of meats Rotisserie Chicken, Meatloaf, Lasagna, green beans, corn, potatoes, macaroni & cheese and other great foods. Deserts will vary from pie, cakes, ice cream and more. Dinner and the Movie cost $10.00 and you welcome to bring your own food and drink if you like and watch the movie for FREE. 

When: Oct 1st – 4th

Show Times:  Thurs – 7pm / Fri – 5pm / Sat – 5pm / Sun – 3pm

Plot summary:

20140320151955-IMDBTwo young kids form a close friendship and are tormented by local bullies. They happen upon each other later in life and their bond resumes, but the baggage from their childhoods and their lack of real intimacy in their families sets up roadblocks to their budding relationship. Only through developing a new way of seeing each other can they find their way back to the bond they have always had.

Here is a link to an article about us, and the film on Backstage:

The film was shot entirely in Texas last October with mostly Texas talent (three LA stars, one of whom is from Texas) and is our first feature film. 

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