Innas General Store

Innas General Store
Inna’s General Store is perfect to find aspirin, Tylenol, toilet paper, coffee, candles, or any of the little things for your convenience.
You can find Linda J. LeFevre and her grandson, Ace Bailey, each Thursday before each First Monday Weekend, on The Mountain in Canton, Texas.

Linda owns not just one business, but three popular shops – Inna’s Place, on The Boardwalk, The General Store, near the Canine Closet, where Mountaineers can pick up misc. basics without having to drive into town, and a popular Juice Bar, Just Chillin’, which features Shaklee Shakes, smoothies, floats and more.

Linda, a native Texan, began life in West Texas and married her high school sweetheart, Mike Bailey. His responsibilities as a coach led them to travel around Texas, with his career culminating as head coach for Plano East High School in 1994. In addition to a demanding role as a popular head coach’s wife, Linda raised four boys, one set of twins, also active in many school activities and sports.
In 2012, after retiring from a family owned mortgage company, Linda found The Mountain and instantly fell in love. She found the perfect location to expand her customized jewelry making business. Her new creations are one-of-a-kind costume jewels that can be made as the perfect accessory for brides or bridesmaids, for the prom, or for any outfit that can use a little extra sparkle and fun. Because the pieces already have a glittery past, Linda’s creations delight new wearers, who are lucky enough to create new memories.

In addition to jewelry, the shop carries a myriad of accessories, including hats, scarves, decorative household items, and much more.

When you visit Canton, be sure to visit Inna’s Place on The Mountain, and say hello to Ace, her grandson, at Just Chillin’. If you find you need some necessary thing for your stay, aspirin, coffee, toilet paper or more, let Becky Brantley, the General Store manager, assist you.

For more information, call 214.325.4197 or email


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