Jamie Richards Live Free Concert – Saturday, October 31at 6:30pm

Rarely do you find a singer with a voice that delivers emotions as convincingly as Jamie Richards. At home anywhere there’s cold beer and a sawdust dance floor, Jamie is successfully climbing the country music ladder, one rung at a time– and he’s doing it his way.

From his first single, “Don’t Try To Find Me” (2002), to his most recent hit, “Never Gonna Hear it From me” (2013), Jamie’s popularity continues to soar. He’s lived enough, loved and lost enough and defied the odds enough to write songs that relate to hearts of all ages.

Pleasing a crowd has always come easy for the Shawnee, OK native. At the age of four, he got his first glimpse of audience approval while performing from the top of his mother’s piano bench during all-night gospel revivals.

By the time he was 18, Jamie’s music had expanded. Developing a rugged signature sound that was perfect for honky-tonks and bars, he found himself playing 250 shows a year, making fifty dollars per night.   More here …..


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