The Mountain’s Poker Run – Oct 2nd and 3rd -2015


In order to play you don’t have to purchase anything, but you will have to visit shops, restaurants and B&Bs that participate in the poker run. You won’t know who is in the game until you visit them. The participating shop will give up to 5 visitors 1 specially marked playing card.

After you have create a full hand you bring the collected cards to Dodge City Dinner Theater at 5 on Fri and Sat and the winning hand wins.

There are only 2 winners each month that we play the game. Each vendor or B&B owner participating will only get 5 marked cards. The winning hand wins a gift basket worth $100 or more filled with items from the Mountain vendors, restaurants and B&Bs.

The game is completely FREE and you must be 18 to participate.

Prizes are donated by the Mountain Vendors

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