Tin Top Road Bluegrass Band – Friday, October 2 at 6 p.m. at Cedar Flats

Tin Top Road Bluegrass Band will be performing Friday, October 2 at 6 p.m. at Cedar Flats on The Mountain in Canton, Texas! Everyone is Welcome! It’s Free!

Kathie Partain Mandolin & Vocals Fairfield, TX Steve Partain Band Leader Banjo, Guitar, & Vocals Fairfield, TX It’s always good to visit friends.  Many years ago we went out by Weatherford, Texas for a friend gathering and saw a street sign “TIN TOP ROAD”.  Well, at our age not many things stick in our memory, but that did.  We figured there must be a purpose.  When choosing a name for the band all the rivers, creeks, mountains and highways were taken.  So we used that little road in Weatherford that still had a spot in our memory.  Many have commented that they have seen that little road just off I20 outside Fort Worth, Texas.  We hope next time they see it they remember that bluegrass band in East Texas.

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